Super Stock Images Florida Everglades

Stock Images of the Florida Everglades.

Swamp Birds

Birds of the Everglades

Super stock images of Everglades city Fl. Great photos of the Florida Everglades grasslands. Plus the Everglades national park and Big Cypress national preserve and wonders of the swamps. Everglades city Fl Historical buildings and past views of the times of the 1800′s photos. Everglade airboat tours in Everglades city Fl along with the commercial boats that Stone Crab plus more!!!

Mullet Skif - June 6 1948 001

Old mullet skiffs of the south Florida area. Some time around 1940-1950. Mullet were a staple of the area around the 10,000 islands. Smoked with button wood then shipped off to market.

Barrel Head on right @ fish house 001

The old fish house in Everglades city Fl. Notice the old salt barrels for the fish.

1948 Lloyd BarrelHead House fishing setup 001

Fishing setup of pull skiffs and motor launches called ( Hot Heads ).

More to come!!